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​Home Remedies: That’s crazy enough to work…

Posted by Sue Madunich on Aug 29th 2017

In a time when antibiotics are not working as well as they used to, medications and health care have become expensive and sometimes unaffordable, it's important that we take a personal, hands-on att … read more

Can I Be Frank?

Posted by Sue Madunich on Aug 7th 2017

Frankincense was one of the very first essential oils I purchased to help with my anxiety issues.  It was love at first scent. The more time I spent studying this incredible gift and it's therape … read more

A Path to Wellness Leads to A Journey Of Helping Others

Posted by Loukia Mastrodimos on May 19th 2017

Why I became a certified health & wellness coach   In June 2014, my mother passed away. She wasn’t sick very long and her quick passing took me by surprise. Like all mother-daughter relati … read more

Honey, Let's Talk!

Posted by Susie on Feb 22nd 2017

Bee Well Skin Salve, made with Manuka Essential Oil and Manuka Honey UMF 15, is an incredible skin care product we will be releasing in the next few days. There is a lot of hype about Manuka Honey a … read more

Unscented Softness!!

Feb 20th 2017

Our Unscented Lotion Bars and Unscented Aroma Lotion are two great products that will keep your skin feeling soft and luxurious. Perfect for the workplace or other locations where perfumed s … read more