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Lotion Bars - Big Softness, Tiny Package

Nov 7th 2017

Our Mini Lotion Bars are a great way to keep your skin soft and smelling beautiful.  Made with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, these lotion bars are made to leave a long lasting feel … read more

Keeping It Clean

Posted by Susie on Nov 7th 2017

The gyms are full of people of all ages training in many different types of martial arts, strenthening and conditioning, yoga and pilates. Martial arts competitions are being held. Big UFC fights on t … read more
What is an Infused Oil?

What is an Infused Oil?

Oct 30th 2017

We were so excited about our Infused Oil Collection I just wanted to spend a few minutes discussing the differences between an infused oil and essential oil.Essential oils are extracted, making these … read more
"The Plague"  a/k/a Cold and Flu Season

"The Plague" a/k/a Cold and Flu Season

Posted by Susie on Oct 27th 2017

It's already started.  Not even the end of October and the cold/virus season is in full swing.  Headache, runny eyes, congestion and a cough that won't quit!  A lot of Mucinex is being … read more

My Sunshine Collection!

Posted by Susie on Oct 26th 2017

My daughter, Rachel, is an old soul. My earthy, hippie child at the ripe old age of 27. Since she was little it was all giggles and smiles.  She is MY sunshine.  I was introduced to Nag Cha … read more