The Beauty of Infusion

Posted by Susie on Jun 11th 2018

I love playing in the dirt.  I love when many of the herbs I grow all mature at the same time.  It makes weeding an incredibly and slightly difficult task.  I could be working in the rosemary, the wind starts blowing and I get the scent of lavender.  That's when I usually get gardening ADHD and jump into the next garden.  It takes me twice as long to get my gardening done, but I'm literally in 7th heaven!

My next favorite part is harvesting, drying and prepping for infusion.  My house smells simply amazing while herbs are drying.  Sometimes I infuse by soaking plant matter in oil on a windowsill and sometimes slow heat on the stove.  I love when it's on the stove because I get that soft scent for HOURS! I've been blessed to grow many of my own herbs and lucky enough to have suppliers who grow others ethically and sustainably.  I want to share our infusions with you and how they can enhance your home apothecary.  

Frankincense Resin Infused Oil, a beautiful synergy of Royal Hojari Frankincense Resin ground and gently heat infused in Sweet Almond Oil. The scent is intoxicating and wonderful for stress and anxiety and especially during prayer and meditation.

Vanilla Infused Oil, a blending of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans in Sweet Almond Oil. This incredibly scented oil is soft, relaxing and sensual. As one of the most accessible scents available, vanilla is a wondrous assist for chronic stress and anxiety. It helps relax the body and uplifts the mood. The Mayan, Aztec Indians and Spaniards used it as an aphrodisiac.

Lavender Infused Oila soft smelling lavender oil that has gently pulled all the beautiful properties that make lavender so incredible. It is important to note that this is not an essential oil. It has not been steam distilled. Since it is not as volatile as the essential oil, you can apply it as needed and directly onto your skin without worry of irritation or sensitization. It is a wonderful alternative for minor burns and sunburns, dry skin, headache relief and relaxation.

On a side note, we have sold our larger bottles of Frankincense, Lavender and Vanilla Infused Oils to massage therapy students as well as people who consistenly receive massage therapy.  They find it to be a softer and less volatile option than essential oil blends which can be overwhelming if not used correctly.  Not to mention possible contraindications due to medical conditions or medications. (Remember, what works and is safe for one, isn't the same for everyone!) 

Rosemary Infused Oil.  While straining this infusion last week, I dabbed some on the back of my neck.  It was slightly warming and wonderfully soothing on sore muscles.  The scent helped with nasal congestion.  I adore this infusion and am looking forward to expanding the rosemary section of my garden this summer.  Once you get past the fact that you smell like a Sunday dinner, it's an oil you'll want for cold & flu season.  For our pregnant and nursing mom's, your're going to want to pass this one up and stick to a more gentle oil (lavender, frankincense or vanilla) as there could be potential complications.  We also suggest our friends with high blood pressure contact their physicians before use.

Trauma Oil is an exquisite infusion of dried Arnica and Calendula flowers and fresh St. John's Wort in an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.This beautiful red infusion brings relief from physical trauma after accidents, falls, bumps or bruising. It helps to reduce the pain of injury, relieve swelling and promote healing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Each of these beautiful flowers are infused separately for their gentle individual healing properties. We then merge the three infusions into one, making an incredible mixture that targets trauma our bodies retain from strains, bruises, or stiff muscles. If you have a natural first aid kit, you’ll want to be sure and include Trauma Oil as an essential item. DO NOT USE WHERE SKIN IS BROKEN. NOT FOR USE IN PREGNANCY OR WHILE NURSING.

We encourage you to visit our Infused Oil CollectionThese beautiful oils and their individuals properties are so beneficial on their own or used as carrier oils for your personal essential oil blends.  We look forward to sharing these therapuetic oils with you and your family.

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