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Scents & Sensibility

Scents & Sensibility

Posted by Susan Madunich on Dec 9th 2017

I fell in love with essential oils about seven years ago when I was receiving massage therapy for stress and anxiety. Before I left, the massage therapist always massaged my hands with an essential oi … read more

​Home Remedies: That’s crazy enough to work…

Posted by Sue Madunich on Aug 29th 2017

In a time when antibiotics are not working as well as they used to, medications and health care have become expensive and sometimes unaffordable, it's important that we take a personal, hands-on att … read more

​Holistic Wellness, Part 1: Move Your Body

Posted by Intro by Susan Madunich; Post by Loukia Mastrodimos on Oct 16th 2016

I like research. When there is something I need to learn, I do my research. When I chose to study clinical aromatherapy, there was a lot of research. It’s the same when I create my blends and produ … read more

Healing Mind, Body, and Heart - A special birthday blog

Posted by Intro by Jen Czajka; Emily Kolaga and Scott Thompson on Sep 19th 2016

It’s Sue’s birthday today! She celebrates the day with a twin sister, a daughter, and a cousin. While she’s busy with her own self-care celebration today, we want to introduce you to two guest writer … read more