Sharing The Blessings

Keeping Clean with Matt's Best Defense.

Posted by Susie Madunich on Dec 27th 2017

Matt's Best Defense has connected us with some really incredible people here at home and across the country. We've met wrestlers, moms of young grapplers, families training together and a slew of me … read more

Introducing Matt!

Posted by Aromatic Blessings on Dec 26th 2017

Matt's Best Defense Body Wash was formulated so you can leave the gym with your cleanest skin. A propertitory blend of essentials oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbi … read more

Keeping Your Skin Healthy So You Can Continue to Train

Posted by Susie Madunich on Dec 4th 2017

Whether you're going to the gym to get healthy, stay healthy or training for your next wrestling match, MMA fight or doing strength and conditioning, you want to make sure that your skin is clean. &nb … read more

Keeping It Clean

Posted by Susie on Nov 7th 2017

The gyms are full of people of all ages training in many different types of martial arts, strenthening and conditioning, yoga and pilates. Martial arts competitions are being held. Big UFC fights on t … read more