Sharing The Blessings

A Path to Wellness Leads to A Journey Of Helping Others

Posted by Loukia Mastrodimos on May 19th 2017

Why I became a certified health & wellness coach   In June 2014, my mother passed away. She wasn’t sick very long and her quick passing took me by surprise. Like all mother-daughter relati … read more

​Holistic Wellness, Part 1: Move Your Body

Posted by Intro by Susan Madunich; Post by Loukia Mastrodimos on Oct 16th 2016

I like research. When there is something I need to learn, I do my research. When I chose to study clinical aromatherapy, there was a lot of research. It’s the same when I create my blends and produ … read more
Choose You!

Choose You!

Posted by Sue Madunich on Sep 26th 2016

When it comes to our health, self-care has never been more important. And we can incorporate practices that are focused on the natural healing of our bodies. We can enhance our own wellness by usin … read more