Posted by Susie on Jan 8th 2018

I'm exhausted.  Because I'm exhausted, I've goofed on my wellness plan.  Goofed is a kind way of saying I seriously derailed that train this weekend. I want to give you a little look inside my weekend, what I've learned and what my plans are.

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We've chatted before about my PTSD.   PTSD is anxiety, anxiety on steriods.  There are days I'm really good and there are days if I could sit in a corner with a coffee IV and my dog, I would be extremely happy.  

Within the last few weeks, I've started a new therapy course which is going to take some time and is literally kicking my ass.  Although at a slow pace and in a very direct order, I'm putting myself in situations that trigger anxiety.  The goal is to desensitize so that fears/anxiety are no longer a paralyzing issue.  What I've learned the last few weeks:

Stress dehydrates you.  I HAD NO CLUE!!!!  The last 48 hours were something else and I can't believe how much I've had to drink (water, people, water!) for my body to feel hydrated.  When your anxious you sweat, your heart races, you may get the shakes.  In my case, I don't sleep so I'm drinking a LOT of coffee.  Which is dehydrating. Not to mention the fact that raised cortisol in your body alone can cause dehydration.  

We all know that if your stressed, unless you have the will power of a Marvel Comic hero, at some point you're going to fall off the healthy eating wagon.  I didn't fall off, I JUMPED off.  My whole food diet which had been going so well was now dotted with quite a few sugar lattes and some foods I had been avoiding.  When we're stressed out, we crave sugar because if we eat some sugar, we will actually get another hormone called serotonin, which is calming and relaxing.  It's an ugly circle.  Stress ups the cortisol, cortisol craves sugar, sugar releases serotonin, we feel better.  

So, I start over.  Last night I prepped lunches and dinner for the week to make sure I was eating my whole foods again.   I mixed a new herbal tea blend to help keep me relaxed and have been making sure to keep myself hydrated.  As soon as I post this, I will do my yoga and begin another day.

We all have goals to help us on our personal journeys. Inevitably at some point, we're going to stray.  Let's promise ourselves that if we do stray, we'll just let it go, dust ourselves off and start over.  No guilt, no self-deprecation, just determination to be the best we can be one step at a time.

Wishing you a Blessed Monday

Be Well <3