Keeping Your Skin Healthy So You Can Continue to Train

Posted by Susie Madunich on Dec 4th 2017

Whether you're going to the gym to get healthy, stay healthy or training for your next wrestling match, MMA fight or doing strength and conditioning, you want to make sure that your skin is clean.  Mat acne, skin rashes, athletes foot and fungal infections are just a few of the "yucks" we take home from the gym.  It's so easy to get germs off the equipment you're using, rolling on the mats or from your sparring partner.

Matt's Best Defense Body Wash is an incredible anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal soap formulated to help keep your skin clean after leaving the gym.  Made with four powerhouse essential oils picked for their abilities to help a healthy body keep off germs, Matt's Best Defense Body Wash is a soap you want to have in your shower and in your gym bag!  Visit us to purchase a bottle of Matt's Best Defense Body Wash.  

If your kids are the ones kicking butt and taking namesMatt's Best Defense, Jr.  is formulated for the younger generation of grapplers and for those with sensitive skin. Protect yourself and your family!  Matt's Best Defense Body Wash, for your cleanest skin after leaving the gym!

Hit the gym, train hard and keep your skin healthy!