Even When Life Is Crashing Around Us, We Always Have The Ability To R.E.S.E.T.

Posted by Susie Madunich on May 29th 2018

It's been a LONG four weeks.  We've chatted before about my journey with Complex PTSD.  Anxiety on steroids. A blessing in disguise I took from my first marriage.  A blessing because although it is far from pleasant, it lead me down the road of using different options to help heal myself and then to help those who are also suffering.  

About four weeks ago I had a trigger that set off four weeks of extreme fear and anxiety.  It felt like it took 6 months of therapy and just shot it out the window.  Tools and coping mechanisms were forgotten and I had to start over. Because I was so stressed and so nervous, I wasn't taking care of myself at all.  I was jumpy, I was drinking a lot of coffee because I wasn't sleeping which made me even more jittery (and seriously ticked off my stomach), I wasn't eating well, it felt like I was in constant flight or fight and I couldn't focus.  I had a "Come to Jesus" moment with my counselor who asked me when the last time I had eaten, was I moving during the day and was I breathing?  

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These were great questions because they brought me back to things I had learned during Resolution R.E.S.E.T., a program run by Loukia Mastrodimos, a Yoga Instructor and Health and Wellness Coach out of Illinois.  This program wasn't a diet, it wasn't boot camp.  It was 4 weeks of encouragement, healthy meal options (still not a fan of Greek Yogurt, there isn't enough honey in the world to make that happen but I'm still trying :) ), moving around at home, at work.  Trying to find your center, your peace.  And you shared this experience with other woman on a private FB page.  Women taking care of themselves, supporting others trying to do the same and encouraging lows and praising  highs.  

So I R.E.S.ET.  I started paying attention to what I was eating, I watched my breath and focused on the positive.  I accepted the fact that right now this sucks, that I had taken a large step backwards, but I had already accomplished so much and would be in a better place soon.   I am working hard at finding laughter in situations and to refocus and use the tools I've learned in therapy to reduce stress and get through the anxiety.  It's a slow process, but it's a great process.

If your looking for an excellent  way to reset your body, mind and spirit, I encourage you to visit  Loukia's Facebook Page, Erini Yoga and Wellness, and join her next R.E.S.E.T. session.  I promise you'll be glad you put yourself first!

Later this week I'll share with you the herbs and oils I used the last four weeks and continue to use to help me relax during the day and to help me sleep at night. Until then, make sure you are taking care of yourself.  I'm a work in progress but I'm working!  Breathe, move, eat to nourish and heal.

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 I hope you have a Blessed and Peaceful Week.