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Let's Clear A Few Things Up!

Let's Clear A Few Things Up!

Posted by Susie on Mar 31st 2019

WOW!! Nothing makes me happier then talking to people about our products. My inbox exploded this weekend after we announced we were formulating products for CBD Therapeutics of Wisconsin and intr … read more

Never Ending Gift

Posted by Susie Madunich on Oct 4th 2018

As I'm fighting a sinus "thing", I'm also exhausted mentally and emotionally. It's been a long week and I'm cooked. I'm making sure to drink lots of water, that I'm eating and that I try to get enou … read more
It Just Takes Time

It Just Takes Time

Posted by Susie Madunich on Sep 5th 2018

We've had a REALLY long Labor Day Weekend.  My youngest minion was due to be at college orientation this past Sunday.  Saturday, on her 18th birthday no less, she decided to come down with t … read more

The Beauty of Infusion

Posted by Susie on Jun 11th 2018

I love playing in the dirt.  I love when many of the herbs I grow all mature at the same time.  It makes weeding an incredibly and slightly difficult task.  I could be working in the ro … read more