​Home Remedies: That’s crazy enough to work…

Posted by Sue Madunich on Aug 29th 2017

In a time when antibiotics are not working as well as they used to, medications and health care have become expensive and sometimes unaffordable, it's important that we take a personal, hands-on attitude towards our health. Talking to our physicians about ways to make ourselves healthier in a safe and natural fashion becomes a priority, sometimes using the stuff in our gardens, cabinets or refrigerators.

Did you know that ginger tea could help open your sinuses or aid chest congestion? Or that boiling raisins in milk helps with itching? Both of these home remedies were given to me by my family physician during my first pregnancy and again when my two older children came down with chickenpox. Imagine my surprise that my doctor wasn’t all about pushing medications, but would also share natural remedies as well.These solutions use products that were readily available at the store and had a less volatile effect on the body than the medical option. Most importantly, they worked!

This began a lifelong search for other options, natural ways, to keep my family healthy. Does that mean that I stopped taking the advice of our physician or refused medications that were prescribed as needed? Absolutely not! But it opened the conversation, a conversation that allows us to show interest in self-care and looking for a more personal, natural approach to keeping yourself healthy.

There are books upon books with home remedies, healing with food, and pantry fixes. The internet is filled with tons of ideas, too. Remember, view everything with common sense. Drinking a six pack of coke as fast as you can is not going to bust up a kidney stone and help it pass faster. Drinking copious amounts of rosemary water is not going to drop your blood pressure in fact it’s just going aggravate it (not to mention just gross tasting). Just don’t do it!! Let’s make sure we use common sense, do our research, and talk to experts to get their thoughts as well. Asking others always keeps us grounded and makes us challenge our original thoughts.

I’ve found that the best way to find fantastic home wellness tips was by talking to family members. Recipes that have passed down generation to generation, remedies from the neighborhood healer. These were treasured and used to help enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.

Who knew that making salves or linaments out of dandelions could help ease pain almost as well as taking an aspirin. Or that opening an aloe vera plant and putting the gel on burns would be so soothing. I bet all of us remember our parents using some sort of home remedy that, at the time, made us question their thinking: Vicks on the feet when you have a cold; brandy on the gums to help with teething pain (that one still cracks me up); oatmeal baths for itchiness or skin irritations, hot toddies for colds; or putting our head under a towel over a bowl of steaming water to ease congestion. Remedies that were passed down by their own parents, and most likely their parents and their parents as well, were well-tested and showed their effectiveness.

We all have the ability to enhance our own healing and God willing come out even healthier on the other side. The important thing to remember is common sense and listening to your body. If you're not feeling better and natural isn’t working, it’s time to call your doctor. As crazy as raisins in milk may sound, your physician may have an even better idea to help you heal. Yet, it’s not always about the meds. There is a time and a place for medication and you should always have a good conversation with your doctor and make the best choice together.  

Take care of you,