Introducing Matt!

Posted by Aromatic Blessings on Dec 26th 2017

Matt's Best Defense Body Wash was formulated so you can leave the gym with your cleanest skin. A propertitory blend of essentials oils that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial, helping to get rid of the germs you picked up in the gym. Something that is very imporant to people who train in wrestling, BJJ, MMA or any other contact sport.  Skin infections are no joke and we would like to be THE part of your training that helps keep you clean.  Let us introduce you to "Matt"!


"In August, 2015, I found an open, weeping, wound on the back of my son’s neck. After taking a look at the rest of him, I found another open, weeping, wound on his left arm the size of a nickel, and similar wounds on his face and head. (At the time my son was a two striped blue belt in BJJ and went to the gym two to three times per week). A trip to the doc determined it was MRSA, community-based. The course of action was antibiotics, both oral and topical. 

I contacted Sue Madunich (aka Aromatic Blessings), to see if she had anything to support the healing of the open wounds and help prevent them from spreading anywhere else on his body. (I was also slightly concerned about the rest of my family being infected.) Sue made a blend of oils with pure soap, which is now Matt's Best Defense, to use as a body wash and for us to use topically on the wounds. 

Within 24 hours we noticed improvements. The wounds were no longer weeping and were beginning to heal. Without sounding gross – although I don’t know how to speak nicely about these wounds – the wounds were less red (“angry”) and were beginning to scab over. 

I really believe that the integration of modern medicine with natural remedies was the reason he healed as quickly as he did, and why no one else in our house contracted MRSA.* My son continued to use the soap while in BJJ. Although he no longer goes to the gym, he still uses Matt’s Best Defense because he works in an environment that is “not the cleanest.” I’m happy to report that we have had no repeats of any type of skin infections. 

Thanks Aromatic Blessings

Terrie aka “Matt’s Mom”

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