Aaah! Relief! Hydrosol Spray

size: 0.25 W × 2.50 H × 0.25 L
Weight: 0.50 Ounces

There is nothing worse than working outside during the changing seasons and coming in with raw, chapped skin from wind burn, allergies or just the harshness of seasonal changes, not to mention the loving attention we get from mosquitos and other friends!

Aaah! Relief! is a combination of three hydrosols: Helichrysum, German Chamomile and Witch Hazel.  Alone, each has their own unique properties to assist in relieving skin of itching and irritation.  Together, they make a blend that helps to soothe and ease skin irritation and itching.  Great for use at any age as well as on our fur babies.  

Aaah! Relief! works great in combination with Nature's Kiss as a wonderful way to help your skin!  Spray on irritated area, wait until Aaah! Relief! dries and then follow up with a light touch of Nature's Kiss.


AROMA:  Light smell of chamomile.


DIRECTIONS:  Keep bottle in fridge!  Spray directly onto irritated skin.  For pets, spray directly onto irritated spots.  Can also be sprayed on cotton ball or make up rounds to gently clean out ears.





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ahhh awesome!
Written by Dorothy Beringer on Oct 26th 2016

This product is the best! My face is finally healing!

it is a stinky miracle
Written by Dorothy Beringer on Oct 20th 2016

I say stinky, because it does have a "medicine like"scent. I'm am so thankful for it! My non-healing wound from years ago has started to heal!! I can't say enough about it!! Every household should have it handy.

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